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Face Seal and Micro Fittings

UMC fitting is designed to provide a leak-tight fitting. All fittings are Class 100 clean room
purged and packaged ready for installation into high purity semiconductor applications.
Each component electropolished by
UMC gives you the maximum corrosion resistance available.
It contains very low levels of iron oxidation states, maximizing surfacing passivation.
We are fully compatible with existing high quality fittings.

UMC's electropolished fitting is available in both 316LVAR and 316 VIM/VAR stainless steel material. We can also provide microfittings to your specific material, size and surface requirements.

In addition to its high quality performance process, UMC is certified to the ISO 9001
quality standard. Fittings and components are 100% visually inspected.
What ISO quality system certification means to you is that
UMC has a consistent method
to manage its processes and it will help to make
UMC an even better partner in its alliances.
Please contact us for detail information.

To see our Micro Fittings and Face Seals catalog and what is in stock, click on the link below.

Face Seal Tube Weld Gland

Automatic Butt Weld Glands






Male Nuts

Female Nuts

Gaskets With Retainers



Double Male Unions

Male Connectors
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